3 Yellow Tulips is pleased to meet with artists and discuss the possibility of showing thier work in the Shoppe if they have first made an appointment.


3 Yellow Tulips has found a winning formula that works well for both the artists and the shoppe.

We accept works from local artists. Currently, local is defined by " a 40 kilometer radius around the Shoppe". We are flexible to some extent if you are creating works that we have trouble finding such as wooden children's toys.

We take works that are priced the same in the Shoppe as they are priced in the artist's studio. If you disagree with this pricing structure please do not approach us.

The presentation of your art is very important. Please ensure that it is damage free, clean, and properly assembled. We provide quality works for our clients and will only accept works that meet our standards.

When 3 Yellow Tulips sends you commission work that is delivered to the client from your location, we will reduce our commission by 50%.

3 Yellow Tulips is determined to represent you and your art in a professional, welcoming environment that promotes and supports local artists. In return we expect participating artists, to promote and support 3 Yellow Tulips.

If you, an artist, are comfortable with our winning formula, then you are welcome to call 613 624-5932 for an appointment.

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